Kentwood Michigan Pipes & Rolling Papers

Our head shop in Kent County MI sells glass, metal, wood, stone and water pipes, e-cigarettes, detoxifying products and more. Call 616-881-6969!

If you are looking for a smoke shop in the Grand Rapids area, stop by The Twisted Monkey located on the Southside. We specialize in hand pipes, water pipes and smoking accessories. Other products include incense, vaporizers including e-cigs and e-hookahs, pipe storage bags, wall covering tapestries, and novelty items including storage jars, beer pong kits, synthetic urine, hemp wraps, grinders, steamrollers, scales, chillums, one hitters, scales, butane, dab pens, concentrate pens, gas masks and more.

Hand PipesHand Blown Hand Pipes

Whether you are looking for something dry or that takes water, we have a vast selection of hand pipes for all budgets. Choose from glass, metal, wood and stone pipes. Are you in search of that special purpose piece? We have nail and domes, domeless, dry, dishes, dabbers, and so much more.

Water PipesHand Blown Water Pipes

We always have a selection of over 100 water pipes available in acrylic and glass. We also carry bowls and downstems for almost all sizes of water pipes including 9mm soft glass, 14mm glass on glass, and 18mm glass on glass. If you are looking to add on to your water pipe, we have ash catcher attachments for all sized water pipes as well.

Clean & Deodorize

At The Twisted Monkey, we have various cleaning and deodorizing products such as soaker solutions, instant solutions, and pipe cleaners. Are you feeling a little sluggish? We carry the popular lines from Detoxify, Vales, and High Voltage body cleansers to knock those toxins out of you. Need to get even cleaner? We have shampoo, mouthwash, and body wash.

Service Areas Include: Kentwood, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Byron Center, US 131, M-6, Division, 54th Street MI