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Don’t Get it Twisted, We Have Exactly What You’re Looking For

Products Available at The Twisted Monkey

At The Twisted Monkey, when we say “we have it all,” we mean it. We carry an extensive selection of smoking products and accessories. Whether you’re looking to get yourself a nice new hand pipe or just want to stop in to pick up some rolling papers, we want to make sure you leave our store happy.

Located in Kentwood, MI, community members travel from across Kent County to visit our smoke and head shop because they know we have the best products and customer service in town.

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The Twisted Monkey in Kentwood MI

What You’ll Find at Our Store:

We specialize in locally hand-crafted artisan pipes and smoking accessories. Other products include:

• Cleaning & Deodorizing Products
• Incense
• Vaporizers
• Pipe Storage Bags
• Wall Covering Tapestries
• Novelty items (Storage jars, beer pong kits, synthetic urine, hemp wraps, grinders, steamrollers, chillums, one hitters, scales, butane, dab pens, concentrate pens, & gas masks)

Brands Available

The Twisted Monkey in Kentwood MI

Juicy Jay’s
Monkey Whizz
Noble Glass
Pure Hemp

Pure Pressure
Sweet Stone
Zig Zag

Our Customers Love Us!

The Twisted Monkey in Kentwood MI

Hand Pipes

We carry glass, metal, wood, and stone pipes in various sizes and aesthetic palettes. We also provide pieces with special purposes, such as nail and domes, dabbers, and so much more.

The Twisted Monkey in Kentwood MI

Water Pipes

There’s always over 100 water pipes on hand at our store. We offer acrylic and glass pipes, as well as bowls and downstems for almost all sizes of glass, 9mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

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You’ll find The Twisted Monkey at 5522 Division Ave S. We’re located near Big Lots and Kellogg Woods Park.

The Twisted Monkey

5522 Division Ave S
Kentwood, MI, 49548

(616) 881-6969

Business Hours:

Monday — Saturday
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM